Welcome to ToroLUG

ToroLUG is the Toronto LEGO User Group.

About ToroLUG

ToroLUG shares a love of building by meeting up, showcasing public displays, and meeting others who like to build just like we do.

Like most LUGs (LEGO User Group), ToroLUG represents a group of like-minded individuals that have at least 30% of their psyche still lingering on to the precious moments around their 12th birthday.

We have monthly meetings to discuss upcoming displays, events, hobby shows, domestic and international conventions, and LEGO. Meeting locations vary and are usually rotated around various venues in Toronto.

ToroLUG was conceived with the intention of complementing the existing specialized LUGs in the region. We welcome all genres and aspire to attend large LEGO conventions and collaborate for great displays.

It’s all about building, conversing, and getting together to display stuff. We enjoy sharing our passion for the hobby and creative medium.

If you’re over 18 and are interested in joining, please feel free to join us at one or our monthly meetings. The list can be found here – meeting list.